An Estate Plan To Protect Your Family When You Can’t

Estate Planning Wellington

Put simply estate planning ensures that your financial affairs are arranged in such a way that when you die your assets are transferred in accordance with your wishes.

The process involves outlining the benefits of an appropriately drafted Will and Enduring Power of Attorney. We also examine whether you would benefit from the utilisation of a trust structure, and if so, whether such vehicle should be created while you are alive or after your death.

Estate Planning Wellington

Our experience is that many people do not have Wills and do not have any understanding of the implications thereof. Many others have Trusts but have no idea why they use this structure. Many others do not have a Trust but could well benefit from utilising one.

We unpack these issues in plain language. At the end of the process our clients are better informed to determine the estate planning structures that are most appropriate for them.

As we do not draft any of these documents ourselves, our clients are then in a position to consult with their professional advisors from a position of knowledge, with or without any further input from us,

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